So, how to you find out which one is worth that extra +$5 that a 4K disk will give you and which just getting the Blu-ray will be better. With over 300 4K disks out,, and really dive into the 4K reviews, comparing them to the Blu-ray in both video and audio, and they have been very accurate in their evaluations.

Also, this doesn’t take into account a movie that might look and sound awesome, but be a really bad movie. That is depending on personal taste. Like in the case of Valerian (and the city of a thousand planets), looks spectacular, but it has been very difficult to get through. I said the same thing about 3D. It doesn’t make a terrible movie great (Clash of the Titans)

Here is a list of movies (all studios and genres) that either
1) Are an obvious upgrade from the Blu-Ray (audio or video)
2) Movie format or action will be a great demo to show off to your friends and family
3) If it isn’t on this list, it isn’t out yet or was a poor 4K transfer

* – Dolby Vision
** – Dolby Atmos
# – DTS:X


A- A Few Good Men**, Alien: Covenant**, Allied, Allegiant**, Angry Birds**, Antman and The Wasp**, Apollo 13, Assassins Creed**, Amazing Spiderman 1/2**, Avengers 1-4**, Aquaman***

B – Black Panther***, Blade Runner: Final Cut**, Blade Runner 2049**, Blue Planet II, Bram Stokers: Dracula**, Braveheart***, Bridge over the River Kwai**, Bourne Series#, Jason Bourne#, Bumblebee***

C – Cars 3**, Captain America (All 3)**, Christine**, Close Encounters of the 3d Kind, Coco**, Crouching Tiger;Hidden Dragon**

D – Dark Crystal**, Dark Knight Trilogy, Darkest Hour**, Dark Tower***, Deadpool**, Deadpool 2**, Despicable Me 1/2*#, Dredd**, Dunkirk

E – ET: The Extraterrestrial#, Earth: One Amazing Day***

F – Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them** (Crimes of Grindlewald***), Fifth Element**, Fury**

G – Ghost in the Shell**, Ghostbusters (2016)**, Gladiator*#, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2**, Greatest Showman**, Dr Seuss The Grinch*#

H – Hacksaw Ridge**, Hancock**, Harry Potter (all)#, Hitman’s Bodyguard***

I – Incredibles 1/2**, ID4: Independence Day#, Interstellar

J – John Wick (1/2)**, Jumanji**, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle***, Jurassic Park 4K 4 pack# (Jurassic World#), Justice League***

K – King Kong (2005)#, Kingsman (Golden Circle**), Knowing***, Kong: Skull Island**

L – Labyrinth**, LEGO Movie, Life of Pi, Logan**/Logan Noir**, Lucy**


M – Mad Max: Fury Road**, Magnificent 7**, Man of Steel**, Men in Black (all)**, Mummy#2017**, Murder on the Orient Express (2017)**, The Matrix***, Mission Impossible: All* Last two **)

N –

O –

P – Pacific Rim**, Pacific Rim: Uprising***, Passengers**, Pineapple Express**, Planet Earth II, Push***

Q – Quick and the Dead**

R – Red (1/2)***, Ready Player One***, Ralph Breaks the Internet**

S – Saving Private Ryan***, Secret Life of Pets**, Sing**, Sicario**, Smurfs**, Star Trek (2009)**, Star Trek: Into Darkness**, Star Trek: Beyond**, Star Wars: The Last Jedi***, Starship Troopers**, Straight Out of Compton#, Spiderman: Homecoming***, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse,** Sully**, Superman: The Movie***

T –  The Hunger Games (all**), The Patriot**, The Prestige, The Revenant, The Shape of Water, The Shallows**, Thor: Ragnarok**, Transformers (All)***, The Magnificent Seven**, Trolls**

U – Unforgiven, Underworld**

V – Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets***

W – War for the Planet of the Apes**, Wonder Woman**

X – X-Men: Apocalypse**

Y –

Z –

* – Dolby Vision
** – Dolby Atmos
# – DTS:X
Reference level