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Home Theater for the Kids

There are times when you do this job and when you go back to them, they are so happy that you created not a movie spot, but a movie memory. This was for a young couple who have a couple of kids and they had a room that had been used before for projecting movies. The projector was 15 years old but the screen was in great shape.

As you can see from the first three pictures the way the previous owners had the room setup, it didn’t allow the room to flow and didn’t make it very comfortable for the kids. 

Reusing the 110” pull down screen, we mounted properly, along with an Optoma UHD51ALV 4K projector, Samsung B5800 4K player and Yamaha AVR, all controlled by a Logitech Harmony Pro remote control system for simplicity and expansion.

Since the initial installation, they had added a Roku streaming box and Phillip’s Hue light bulbs. The moment I opened up the My Harmony App, the system saw both the Roku and the light bulbs and prompted me for a setup. Now instead of having to set the lights via computer, the list of 50 or so scenes were on the remote. Additionally, with the Roku, not only control and the ability to have a specific application start up when you launch “Watch Roku”, but a remote screen with your specific top 20 icons on the screen.  Things keep getting better.

“Paul met our expectations with our theater. We had a vision, and he made it reality. He educated us on latest products and which ones would be the best bang for the buck for our budget. We love our new home theater. Paul has been true to his word, if you have any questions, we just text or email and he will respond. Great Service!”

Adam and Liumi Schultz

Bremerton, WA


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