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We specialize in creating true home cinema experiences

Wicked adj, slang:

Going beyond reasonable or predictable limits; of exceptional quality or degree.

Home Theater noun:

To create an environment in your home to reflect the immersive feeling of being at the local theater, without the distractions.

Wicked Home Theater is a custom home theater installation and whole home automation company.


The reason why we are a “custom installer” is because we know “One Size Does Not Fit All”. This is the key reason why we come out to your home and show you what can and cannot fit in your house and why, which is something you can’t do in a store. Also, with our four decades long experience in networking, we can ascertain if your network can handle your entertainment needs, also, something that can’t be done from a store. We physically show you how two-piece projection will work in your home or how to mount TV’s in difficult situations.  Again, something that cannot be done in a store.


We learn about your entertainment habits.


Are you a big sports fan and want to be known for hosting great parties? Does your family love to watch movies and TV, or just a Netflix binge? Are you an avid gamer and want to play your favorite console game on a 10 foot screen?  Are you someone who takes listening to music very seriously or just want streaming music for background all around your house? Or do you have so many components and so many remotes and want to just make things simple, with one single remote or control system that can be controlled from your phone or tablet.

Also, are you thinking of adding shades or controlled lighting? We can integrate that into your home system with a full range control system by URC.

We also happily work with what equipment you already have and make sure it is capable of handling what you want your new system to do, along with your wireless network.  And if your wireless network isn’t up to par, we have 40 years experience in computers and networking.

We take this information and come up with solutions to fit your wants and desires and make sure that your new system is easy to use and meets your expectations, your budget, and beyond.


We are a Custom(er) Installer.


We believe in long term relationships, not a quick sale. We know that both people’s habits, along with technology, change ober time. Maybe you want music outside or want your backyard to be the envy of your friends with an outdoor distributed music system that you can control from your phone and tie it into your house system. Maybe you want to integrate security cameras and a doorbell into your house and using voice commands be able to see who is at the door and talk to them from anywhere in the house. Maybe the kids are older, and you need a separate gaming area setup, so you get your TV back, finally.

Maybe you want built-in voice activated intercom system for your whole house.

We believe an informed customer is a satisfied customer. We understand that a lot of technology in home entertainment is as confusing as computers and networking are, and for good reason, they use the same systems. This is why we show you how your entire system works, and how the different parts interact with each other, before and after the purchase. We even provide personalized diagrams of your entire home system, to show what is connected where and how data flows, in a way that is easily understood.

We even have the capability onsite monitoring capabilities so if you encounter an issue, we can check what the problem is, and in most cases, fix or determine the problem and take action, all without having to wait for a repairman to show up, hours or days later.

If you have an interior designer, we happily will work with them, as our goals are the same, your satisfaction.

Go Big and Stay Home! 4K the right way, huge!



Disabled, veteran owned, local business. Wicked Home Theater is a subdivision of PC Networks, Inc.

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