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Why a Home Theater?

(typical trip to the local movie theater)

You decide that one movie you really can't wait to see in three months is coming out on the "big screen". You take your wife and kids with you to the local movie theater.

You pay $10 per person for tickets ($40), go inside get a couple large popcorns and 4 large drinks ($60), go into the theater, and end up over on one of the sides, looking at the movie sort of sideways. You end up with (select any) noisy people, cell phones, sticky floors, too hot, too cold, too loud, too quiet. You better hope the movie meets up to your expectations. So one night, $85-$100 later, and all you have is the memory of the movie. We are not even including the gas to go there


This is where the home theater concept comes in. You don't need a separate room with raked seating, thick velour curtains, lighted sconces, THX Ultra 2 speakers with 10,000 watts of power through a $25,000 digital projector on a 15' diagonal screen.

Really you don't.

But if you did, yes, we can do that too.

But most peoples houses can't handle that sort of treatment. The average living room is about 12' x 12', generally a window on one side. You have a couch, maybe a recliner, and a Television. We have Audio and Video systems that take that room and make you feel like you are in an actual theater setting for movies, and it also makes it fun with regular TV (Imagine Football in HD on a 92" screen!).

If you consider the number of movies you buy or view in a year, think about seeing them on the "big screen" multiply that by $100 and you see the cost of "going out to the movies" (Just look at this year: Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnorok, Star Wars 8) and then you buy the movie on HD Blu-ray unless you buy a UHD blu-ray player, but then what are you watching it on? Bet you if it is 4K it is probably less than 65"

Did you know that the human eye can't see the difference between 1080p and 2160p (4K) until the image is greater than 90"

You now see the reasons for the home theater. Besides, you can make your own popcorn for pennies.

4K and what it takes?

"What does it take to do 4K?" and "How affordable is two piece projection?"

In order to do 4K, you need all the items from your content to your display to be able to process 4K. These items are:

1. Content: 4K movies or video games

2. UHD Player: Either a Xbox S, or an UHD (not upscaling) Blu-Ray player (averaging around $200)

3. AV Receiver (any receiver sold today can process the 4K signal, and usually Dolby Atmos and/or DTS:X)

4. 4K UHD certified HDMI cable

5. 4K (not e-shift) Projector/HDTV

And of course, how much?
To do a full 4K projector, 92" Screen innovations fixed screen, Yamaha RX-A770 receiver, Klipsch Play-Fi soundbar w/wireless subwoofer and two satellite speakers (5.1), UHD player, and a precision ceiling mount is around $6000. Tax and installation extra.

This is a full package, video and audio.

If you already have a home theater projector system, upgrading to 4K is $2499

You go and by a 4K HDTV and you have to add the sound and you are not watching at 92".


Why Wicked Home Theater?

Many people get into the Home Theater deal when they buy their first HDTV. Speakers on pretty much all HDTV's are very poor . Great to have a 55" LED and the sound sucks. So then you decide to add a couple of cheap speakers to your old stereo. Now you find out you need to add a DVD or Blue Ray player that can put out High Definition or upconverts to HDMI. Next you have to buy a receiver that can handle the output to the HDTV, and lets not forget the Cablebox/Satellite box. You have a ton of wiring, and the sound is still not great. You are spending more time trying to make heads or tails of things like HDMI, the differences between ED, SD, and HD, DTS, Dolby Digital EX, HDMaster DTS and HD-Dolby, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, than enjoying it and you wonder about why you buy an HDTV when you can't take advantage of it.

Wicked Home Theater is different.

1. Free Onsite Estimate: We come out to your location and see the space you are trying to put the home theater into. We discuss budgeting and what you are expecting. This is what we call the REALITY MEETING. You might want to have a system that takes advantage of everything Audio/Video has to offer, but if your budget is low, you are going to have to make some allowances. We don't sugar coat things. But we always look for things that look and sound great, and when you put it all together, it is magical.

2. Home Network Integration: As opposed to pretty much every other Home Theater retailer/installer, we have personnel who have come over from the computer networking realm. We have the tools and talent to connect your home theater to your home computer network and take advantage of shared music, movies, and give you the tools to control it without being complicated.

3. Top Equipment with lower prices: Since we are a home theater installer, not a store fronted retailer, we don't have the overhead that the big box stores have and we pass the savings on to you.

4. Installation and Calibration: When you go with a home theater installer like Wicked Home Theater, we not only bring out all of your purchased equipment, we setup and test everything to make sure it works correctly and we calbrate the audio and video to give you the best sight and sound possible from the equipment. This is invaluable for everyone who gets frustrated trying to setup a home stereo or TV, which I assure you, everyone has that problem, we are just used to it.

5. Friendly Local Staff: When you call, we answer the phone, we don't have a phone "system". If you call support, you get someone local to the Puget Sound who knows where you are at and you can understand. All the things that irritate us when calling a big store, are left with the big store. We have a true small business feel, especially since we are a small business. Customer service is #1 to us!

Try us and you won't be disappointed!





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New Alliances with Yamaha, Optoma, Screen Innovations and of course Klipsch to bring the best 4K projection and Dolby Atmos sound to your home, along with distributed wireless audio throughout your home.

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Home Gaming Theater

What is this? It is a Home Theater with those extra added features that make it so you can both watch movies at their best, but allow you and your friends to game on large projector screens whether console or PC.

You can choose the ultra fast and very short throw GT5500+, casting a 100" projection at 13", or go full 4K with the UHD65.

We are Home Theater and we are Gaming. Why not have both?


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